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Why Do We Track Developmental Milestones?

We measure early childhood in milestones – the first smile, first step, that very first word. Parents are encouraged to track what their baby can do, but sometimes this can cause anxiety and frustration when you feel your child is not making strides in development compared to others.

How to Cope with not Meeting Milestones

When your child hits milestones, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. We all get excited, jump up and down, and share the news with pretty much everyone we know.

When you have a preemie in the NICU or just home from the NICU, what happens? Do they still hit those milestones? Do they accomplish them later? What can you do if they aren’t meeting milestones, how do you cope?

Milestones were huge for us in our house, and I will tell you that they did not come easy and were not accomplished in the normal time frame. So how do you deal with it? [Read more]

{Professional Insight} A Look Behind the Scenes of High Risk Follow-Up

In the United States, approximately 4 million babies are born annually, 11% will be premature and 1% of term infants will require NICU care. Once these babies are born a team of physicians, nurses and many other staff members will work diligently to offer the best care and to have your child go home with […]

{Professional Insight} Speech and Language Developmental Milestones: When to Ask for Help

The dreaded developmental milestones.  Before your child is enrolled in school, these milestones feel like benchmark testing or a report card to rate your child compared to the expectations of his or her chronologically same-aged peers.  As parents, I feel like we always have a desire to check each box the second it is expected […]

Next FB Chat: What to Expect if Your Baby Needs Therapy after the NICU

Join us for our next Facebook Chat with Stacy Ramirez, the Child Find and Outreach Specialist for Any Baby Can’s Early Childhood Intervention Program, also known as ECI in Texas. While each state has various programs and many go by different names, Stacy will share basic information so that even attendees outside of Texas will […]