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Breast Milk Donation: A Priceless Gift for Preemies

The power of breast milk continues to amaze me. From brain development to immunoprotection, doctors and researchers continue to discover new properties that reaffirm the magic and mystery of mother’s milk. In addition to providing optimal nutrition, breast milk is especially beneficial for preterm and low birthweight babies as it reduces the incidence of Necrotizing Entercolitis (NEC), a common but potentially life-threatening complication of prematurity. [Read more]

{Professional Insight} Milk Donation, Preemies and You

Human milk and babies are a good match – and for very low birth weight infants, human milk can be life saving. When a mother can’t produce enough, or any, milk for such a preemie, donor human milk banks answer the call. Many pregnant women expect to breastfeed, and research makes clear that breastfeeding benefits […]