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Breast Milk Donation: A Priceless Gift for Preemies

The power of breast milk continues to amaze me. From brain development to immunoprotection, doctors and researchers continue to discover new properties that reaffirm the magic and mystery of mother’s milk. In addition to providing optimal nutrition, breast milk is especially beneficial for preterm and low birthweight babies as it reduces the incidence of Necrotizing Entercolitis (NEC), a common but potentially life-threatening complication of prematurity. [Read more]

How the Right Primary Nurse Helped Save My Son

A week after giving birth to my son Jharid 16 weeks early, I decided to take a short break from staring at him through the incubator in the NICU. It was incredibly hard leaving my one pound five ounce baby with just the nurses to watch over him, but it had to be done. I […]

Our Journey through the Neonatal Care Center

Daisy and Lily were born at 30 weeks 5 days. Daisy was 3 pounds 6 ounces her little sister Lily was 2 pounds 10 ounces. Lily’s stay in the nicu was 6 weeks while Daisy’s stay was 13 weeks. Daisy had NEC twice. Our journey home was long, and challenging. Making it home was the greatest gift I have been given. Being patient was hard, but the end result was worth every second spent in the Neonatal Care Center [Read more]

A Story of Prematurity and Hearing Loss

When Scott and I decided to have children, we knew there was a very good chance our children would have a hearing loss. Scott has a hearing loss called Otosclerosis (a hardening of the bones in the middle ear) that runs in his family. Usually, this hearing loss does not present itself until adulthood. We […]

Krista H’s Amazing Birth Story

Krista H shares the story of the birth of her twins at 23 weeks gestation after a difficult pregnancy and seven years of infertility and a miscarriage. Her daughter Adelaide was born at 1 lb 5 oz and earned her angel wings due to complications from NEC. Her surviving twin Henry is now home from the NICU and weighs 9 lbs 9 oz. Though they mourn the loss of Addie, they are focussed on staying strong for Henry and “plan to make his life beautiful.” [Read more]