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NICU Nurses: We Save Babies

Neonatal Nurses Day is a celebration of the nurses that care for our babies born premature and babies with complications. The theme for 2017 is special. The theme “We Save Babies” came from the voices of our NICU Nurses at the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) conference in 2016. NANN organizers listened to the voices […]

It’s a Small World After All: My Son’s NICU Nurse Used to be My Boss

During the 68 days my preemie spent in the NICU, there were a few, and only a few, moments when I felt everything was going to be okay. That my son was going to be okay. The rest of the time was spent alternating between fears he would never be able to come home, or that I […]

NICU Heroes Award Recognizes Great Acts of Compassion

My husband and I were taken by surprise when our daughter was born early and gasping for breath. They whisked her quickly away to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a place I had never fathomed we would be.  This was the very place where our daughter received the surfactant for her lungs and where nurses helped us […]

Our NICU Nurses, Our Teachers

Our daughter Daphne had a fairly long NICU stay for a 27-weeker, which earned her the chance to spend time with dozens of nurses. In fact, every nurse in the large unit had the honor to care for her at least once. The first few weeks were grueling. She was so sick and needed such […]