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Meet the Professional: What Does a Neonatal Therapist Do?

When a baby is born premature or with special health care needs, they require immediate, intensive care. With all the medical interventions and monitoring it’s easy to start seeing your baby as a patient, instead of the little person that they are. But we know that what we do in the NICU has long-term impact. As […]

NICU Heroes Award Recognizes Great Acts of Compassion

My husband and I were taken by surprise when our daughter was born early and gasping for breath. They whisked her quickly away to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a place I had never fathomed we would be.  This was the very place where our daughter received the surfactant for her lungs and where nurses helped us […]

OTs: My Very Best Friends!

The OTs, or Occupational Therapists, were my very best friends in the NICU.  For one thing, there were only three of them in my NICU and as soon as I started learning to breastfeed my baby I got help from one of them almost every single day.  They were incredible.  They were encouraging, helpful, informative, […]