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Finding a Balance Between NICU and Home

When your baby ends up in the NICU, the world can feel like it’s been turned up-side-down. All your normal daily routines are disrupted and set aside. Nothing outside these unit doors seems to matter as much as the life and death battle that is going on inside. But soon you realize that life is […]

{Professional Insight} The Benefits of Infant Massage

Infant massage cam help parents bond with baby in and out of the NICU. NICU Occupational Therapist Tracey Kondrasuk-Brander gives her tips for successful infant massage. [Read more]

What First-Time Parenting Activity Made You Nervous in the NICU?

Was there a routine, first-time parenting activity in the NICU that made you extremely nervous to perform? Maybe it was changing a diaper, or giving your preemie a bath. Whatever it was, you are in good company. All of us preemie parents have been there! [Read more]

Through the Eyes of a Father

When you get a phone call from the hospital telling you that they are going to transfer your wife and deliver your twins 3 months early, everything stops.  The next thing I know, I’m leaving work and on my way back to the hospital.  Melissa was pretty out of it when I got there and […]

From Blog Writer to Book Author

Many of you have been reading our blog articles for some time now, but did you know many of the contributors are book authors as well?  Our experiences in the NICU or during a high risk pregnancy have caused us to want to share not only our experience, but the knowledge we have gained during these times.  […]