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Meet the Professional: What Does a Lactation Consultant Do?

Before your baby was born, you might have dreamed about what your parenting style might be and what it would feel like to hold your little one. You may have already decided your preference on feeding your baby breast milk or formula. Now your baby is in the NICU or may have arrived home, and […]

{Professional Insight} The Benefits of Infant Massage

Infant massage cam help parents bond with baby in and out of the NICU. NICU Occupational Therapist Tracey Kondrasuk-Brander gives her tips for successful infant massage. [Read more]

Saying Thanks When Words Are Hardly Enough

They say that the NICU is a special place. And it is. Babies show how strong they are despite their size and medical challenges. Families show how resilient they can be in the face of the ups and downs that come with a hospital stay of any length. And there are those other special people. You […]