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Thankful for Tough Mothers

Since becoming a mom for the first – and last – time almost five years ago, I’ve experienced plenty of “bad mom” moments. Like letting my son eat ice cream for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. All in the same day. Or arriving home after picking him up from school and noticing I never buckled […]

Being a NICU parent can be rewarding

I won’t lie, being a NICU parent was hard. I cried a lot. It was also surprisingly rewarding. The longer your baby is in the hospital, the harder it gets. My son, Theo, a 27-weeker, spent over 200 days in the hospital, 120 of them in the NICU. Even though he seemed healthy, Theo still required too much oxygen support to go home and we had to watch countless babies (many born after him) pack up and head home with their families. It was frustrating, but my husband and I made the most out of a lousy situation by expanding our emotional support team and doing self care. [Read more]

Finding Hope in the NICU: National Doctors’ Day

On March 30, National Doctors’ Day, physicians across the country are recognized for their work. I always had an appreciation for doctors and their ability to see the big picture as well as the important details, but I never knew how much a doctor could change my life until my son was born four months early.

It was 11 o’clock at night when I first met my son’s neonatologist. When he approached us, I bombarded him with questions. Worry and anxiety spewed from my mouth and heart with an intensity that intimidated even me.

As I questioned the doctor, I peered through the plastic walls of the isolette at the smallest baby I had ever seen. [Read more]

What First-Time Parenting Activity Made You Nervous in the NICU?

Was there a routine, first-time parenting activity in the NICU that made you extremely nervous to perform? Maybe it was changing a diaper, or giving your preemie a bath. Whatever it was, you are in good company. All of us preemie parents have been there! [Read more]

The ABCs of the NICU: Surviving the first few days of your NICU stay

When we were pregnant with our first baby, we did all the things most couples do to prepare for her arrival. We cleared out a room, set up the crib and read dozens of pregnancy books. However, when my water broke seven weeks early, we were thrown into an unfamiliar world. During pregnancy you learn […]