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The Neonatologist and Other Doctors in the NICU

On March 30, National Doctors’ Day, physicians across the country are recognized for their service. As the wife of a surgeon, I thought I understood much about what doctors do. I certainly understood the years of training and sacrifices made by physicians, as well as their families, for the coveted M.D. degree. When my daughter […]

To the NICU Nurse… Thank You.

I had never met a NICU nurse until the early hours on Halloween morning 2009. In all honesty, my first encounter with a NICU nurse wasn’t overwhelmingly positive. She was giving me the grim statistics of what living with 24 week twin boys could be like – if they even survived the delivery. There I […]

Designing the NICU

Before my son’s early arrival, NICU was not a word that was a part of my vocabulary. And before attending the Healthcare Design Conference, I never realized how much thought, effort and planning goes into the design of a NICU suite. In a way, being a part of the design team reminded me of my […]

What Does It Take to Be a NICU Hero?

One of 11 children and father of six, Dr. Gerard Cleary, recipient of the first annual NICU Heroes Award, understands the importance of family. He says the joy of being a neonatologist is giving great people the opportunity to have a family of their own. The NICU Heroes Award, sponsored by Hand to Hold and […]

How NICU Nurses Make a Big Impact

Ok, so you have just delivered your baby early, very early.  They are premature beyond your imagination (13 weeks early for me) and they take your child(ren) to the NICU.  This situation was a little different for me than most I assume. I am sure there are some out there who might share in this […]