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How to Pass the Days in the NICU

Some time passes slowly in the NICU; some time flies by. It’s okay to distract yourself during these long days, weeks, or even months. [Read more]

Top Ways to Help a Loved One Through a NICU Stay

Our world was turned upside down the day my water broke seven weeks too soon. We would have never made it through the next few months without the kindness, generosity, and overwhelming support of our friends, family, and complete strangers. When you have a loved one going through a NICU stay, you may feel helpless, […]

What is a Miracle?

“He’s a [medical] miracle,” said half a dozen medical professionals during his first year of life. At my annual physical my OBGYN held my one-year-old’s hands and walked him around the room. She talked about his day of birth like it had been yesterday. She wore a teary-eyed smile. He was the smallest viable baby […]

{Professional Insight} Relieving the Stresses of NICU Life with Exercise

Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most exciting things ever, especially if you had a difficult time getting there.  We expect our pregnancies to be flawless and joyful.  But, when you find out you are having triplets as I did, that world comes crashing down.  And for some of us, unforeseen pregnancy […]

Doing the NICU More Than Once

With my history of premature labor, scarred tissue, a classical c-section… the list could go on… we almost knew that our last child, Evie, would be another early arrival. And she was. She was born two days before New Year’s Eve last year. She came five weeks early, after trying everything under the sun (including […]