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Celebrating Nurses for National Nurses Week

We come across them in almost every single medical office we encounter: our general practitioner, our OBGYN, our kids’ pediatrician, a specialist, and more. Nurses often serve as the first point of contact between patients and doctors, advocating for patients and providing exceptional patient care. May 6 – 12 is National Nurses Week, and to celebrate, […]

Fear of Leaving the NICU

My second son was born with a long list of medical complications and special needs that sent him to the NICU the night we was born. He became so sick that he was transferred from his delivery hospital to the NICU of our local Children’s hospital. He wasn’t discharged until he was two months old.

The days leading up to his discharge were more difficult for me than the length of his stay. I was scared to take him home. [Read more]

Why I’m Thankful for Modern Day Heroes

It was three days before I went into labor. I was lying in my hospital bed before the sun was up, hubby was snoring on the lumpy cot in the corner; we were both exhausted from all the unanswered questions and tests, and I was praying hard! The kind of prayers that only a desperate, […]

How NICU Nurses Make a Big Impact

Ok, so you have just delivered your baby early, very early.  They are premature beyond your imagination (13 weeks early for me) and they take your child(ren) to the NICU.  This situation was a little different for me than most I assume. I am sure there are some out there who might share in this […]