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Free Resource: NICU Nurturing and Nutrition

This month Hand to Hold is proud to release a comprehensive FREE resource to the NICU community, courtesy of Prolacta Bioscience®. Our latest free resource, NICU Nurturing and Nutrition, was developed for parents currently in the NICU who may have questions about how to meet their medically fragile baby’s nutritional needs. This resource is available […]

Healthy Snacks for NICU Parents

Having a baby in the NICU has a way of shifting your priorities. Though that tiny little person will undoubtedly be your number one concern, don’t lose track of your nutritional needs! Whether you’re faced with a grueling commute to the hospital or the task of caring for other little ones at home, making sure […]

Meet the Professional: What Does a Dietician Do?

While a baby was in the NICU they are often cared for by a NICU dietitian who monitored their nutrition, caloric intake, and growth. After discharge parents must continue to monitor their baby’s nutritional needs. A good discharge plan can help, but it is crucial that parents follow-up with your pediatrician as well. Often parents and doctors seek the assistance of a […]

Starting Solids with your Preemie

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t wait to start solids with my preemie. Anything that brought normalcy, and a sense of another milestone being hit felt victorious! Starting solids with your preemie is an exciting step.

I read up on conventional foods for preemies, as well as alternative and natural routes. It wasn’t until I began feeding my daughter solids that her needs became clear to me. [Read more]

My Child Won’t Eat!  4 Ways to Teach a Picky Eater to Love Variety.

“I don’t like this.” “I don’t eat things that are green.” “Do I have to eat that?” I bet these are statements you hear regularly from your picky eater.  Or maybe your child is younger and doesn’t talk much yet or has speech delays and they just shut their mouth and push the food away, […]