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Tackling Feeding When Your Preemie Has SPD

Feeding my micro-preemie was never easy. First there was that whole thing about how she was born at 25 weeks and weighed less than my typical dinner plate. Then that whole thing about about how she needed to be fed through a tube. And how after that she had tongue thrust issues that required a […]

{FB Chat} Overcoming Feeding Obstacles

Speech Language Therapist Julie Wahrenberger, M.S., CCC-SLP from Spring Branch Speech Therapy discussed feeding obstacles that preemies and NICU babies sometimes face and how to overcome them. [Read more]

{Professional Insight} When Your Preemie is Struggling to Eat

Most people view eating as a simple task that occurs automatically. Unfortunately, for many premature babies, the trauma of their birth and medical procedures during infancy can lead to severe feeding problems as they get older.  A basic parenting task is nourishing one’s child, so if he/she can’t or won’t eat, mealtime can become an […]

Celebrating Every Preemie Milestone

When my first child rolled over for the first time, her daddy and I cheered.  We applauded her when she sat and later when she crawled.  We laughed when she said her first word, “duck”, and laughed more when she began calling everything “duck”.  Like all new parents, we thought everything she did was exceptional.  […]