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Your First Experience with Pediatric Therapy: What Can I Expect?

Your baby is home from the hospital, everyday life is returning to a new “normal,” and you’re seeing positive changes in your child each day. However, you may still have concerns about their growth and development as a NICU baby. Every child’s development is dynamic and different problems may arise at any time. Upon further […]

{FB Chat} Therapy and Your Child

In our latest Facebook chat, we spoke to Doug Levine of Growing Places Therapy in Austin, TX. Doug has practiced therapy for 19 years and has provided services in the home setting, clinic settings, school districts, Early Childhood Intervention, and has worked closely with a variety of doctors.

The Best (Unwanted) Advice from the NICU

We had been in the NICU for just a couple of weeks when a nurse stopped me in the bay just near my son’s bed.

“I’m Chris. I’m the charge nurse.” she said. I don’t remember my response. It was probably as polite as I could muster, but considering the circumstances, certainly not overly friendly. Shortly into the conversation she disclosed that she had a fourteen-year-old son with Down syndrome. It was at that point in our conversation I let my guard down and allowed the tears I had been holding back to leak out. And she grabbed my hand and said, “It’s all in his time. Always in his time.” [Read more]

Finding Good Therapy Services for Your NICU Baby

“Any questions?” she asked at the end of the tour. My mind was searching, grasping for something to ask, but I was so distracted and overwhelmed by all of the medical equipment. I couldn’t contain my tears any longer. They started spilling out. I stood in the middle of a rehab gym surrounded by wheelchairs, […]

{Friday Feature} Bee Mighty

Our son, the mighty Shaw Richter, was born at 27 weeks, just over two pounds and spent 122 days in the NICU. Shaw’s medical history is long in his short 2 years of life. He suffered a stroke at birth and endured 22 spinal taps that left a permanent bruise on his backside. He had […]