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What to Expect on Discharge Day

Remember the saying, “Expect the unexpected?” It applies here too. On NICU discharge day. Just like there are processes and procedures while your baby is in the NICU, there are processes and procedures for leaving the NICU. The NICU nurses will not send you home unprepared. Getting ready to leave and being prepared at home […]

How to Know When You’ve Hit Pediatrician Gold

The week before our twins were discharged from the NICU after 78 long days, we were required to submit the name of our pediatrician. We didn’t have one. And we had no idea where to start looking for one. We knew that we had some family in town who loved their pediatrician, but other than […]

Outstanding Central Texas Medical Professionals Receive Awards

Love for our children is primal – before even hearing the first heartbeat we dream of holding them and kissing them and protecting them with the ferocity of a lion. But for some moms (like me) and many dads, too, when a baby is born preterm or with special health care needs, the natural bonding […]

5 Questions to Ask a Preemie’s Pediatrician

Some preemie parents haven’t selected a pediatrician prior to birth because they figured they had forty weeks to do so. I, however, had selected mine based on quite a bit of research. In retrospect, I hadn’t been asking the right questions at all. Preemies and preemie parents deserve to have special attention from their pediatrician […]

So Many Ways to Bond With Your Preemie

Traditional childbirth? Nope. There was nothing traditional about our pregnancy, delivery, NICU stay, or arrival home. Instead of wondering who my daughter looked like when she was born, I wondered if she was breathing. Rather than hold her and exchange glances as she associated mommy’s voice with my face, she was whisked away in a […]