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Stress, Grief and Mental Health

Someone once told me, depression doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’ve tried for too long to be strong. Months after my daughter came home from the hospital, those words resonated with me so much. My pregnancy had been plagued with stress. At 12 weeks, we had our nuchal translucency screening and were told our […]

Haley’s Story: Hope for the New Year

A note from the Hand to Hold family: Sometimes, when you’re stuck on bedrest, or worse – in the NICU, for the holidays, going home seems like it’ll never happen. The days are long – and lonely, and you wonder what the New Year will bring. Well, we have one word for you… HOPE. We […]

Elizabeth’s Story: Being a Preemie and Military Mom

Getting a promoted to a Second Class Petty Officer in the Navy and the excitement of being pregnant with my first child was all short lived when my daughter was born early at 24 weeks and 6 days weighing at 1lb 15oz. Being in The Navy taught you how to be strong, a leader, and also putting your emotions in the back of your mind it was time to take care of the mission. But to see my daughter in the incubator on a ventilator fighting for her life for the first weeks, having to stay in the NICU for 105 days, and making a deciscion for her to have a PDA ligation on my own was hard. I was not only a first time mom, but I was also a military mom that had a job to do. [Read more]

Anger? Resentment? Preemie Parents are only Human

After my daughter, a 28-week preemie, was born, it was the better part of a year before I could look at a woman with a big pregnant tummy and not feel angry. Of course, I wasn’t angry at the woman herself. I would never want a woman to go through the trials of having a […]

Erin G’s Amazing Birth Story

My name is Erin G. I am the mother of three beautiful children (Andrew, Nicholas, and Delilah). I am also a labor and delivery nurse. My first two children were full term and had “normal” deliveries. That is not the case with my daughter! My pregnancy with Delilah had been absolutely perfect! I had less […]