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Emerging from Trauma: Stephanie’s NICU Journey

I had my daughter 17 months ago, but it seems like a lifetime. We didn’t have a hard time getting pregnant. It was almost instant. But staying pregnant was a different story for me. I ended up in the hospital at 27 weeks, 4 days with preterm premature rupture of the membranes (pPROM). My water […]

One Family’s Experience with Incompetent Cervix and Pprom

Here’s my story and I hope it brings you encouragement. You are not alone. We are fighting for you! In the fall of 2011, I got some very exciting and unexpected news, I was four weeks pregnant! Dave and I were so excited and nervous to become parents. By the 18th week we went in […]

Blogging as NICU Therapy

I like to write lists. Then write them again because I’ve either left the list at home and I’m at work, or it’s in my other jeans pocket, or I wrote it on a receipt and ended up throwing it out thinking it was garbage, or I’ve just completely lost it. Either way, writing things […]

Sara’s Story

This story was kindly submitted by Sara, one of our readers. I had twin preemies due to pPROM. My water broke with twin A (Kaleb) at 18w (4/18/10).  I spent 86 days on bedrest until I had an emergency c-section due to placenta abruption. Kaleb & Kameron Crane were born on 7/11/2010 at 29 weeks. […]