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To the NICU Nurse… Thank You.

I had never met a NICU nurse until the early hours on Halloween morning 2009. In all honesty, my first encounter with a NICU nurse wasn’t overwhelmingly positive. She was giving me the grim statistics of what living with 24 week twin boys could be like – if they even survived the delivery. There I […]

It’s Okay, Preemie Parent

I remember the day Charlie was born like it was yesterday. I spent the ten days prior in the hospital hoping and waiting. However, nothing could prepare me for her birth at 26 weeks or for what was to follow. The day of her birth, no one explained what was happening. My questions were answered with […]

Where’s My Sister? Tips on Including Siblings in Your NICU Journey

I remember being so conflicted when my Haley was in the NICU.  She was our second child.  We were used to giving all of our attention to our son Jacob.    Now not only did we have two kids to love and care for, but they were in different locations.  Trying to learn how to divide […]

One Family’s Experience with Incompetent Cervix and Pprom

Here’s my story and I hope it brings you encouragement. You are not alone. We are fighting for you! In the fall of 2011, I got some very exciting and unexpected news, I was four weeks pregnant! Dave and I were so excited and nervous to become parents. By the 18th week we went in […]

Ways to Remember Your Baby

In a perfect world, I would have celebrated Jack’s sixth birthday in June at a swimming party with friends, family, and Jack. But since he passed away when I was five and a half months pregnant, I have found my own ways to celebrate and remember him. In recognition of October as Pregnancy and Infant […]