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The Green Onesie

In a landfill somewhere there is a pale green Calvin Klein onesie. But I’ll get to that. Post-NICU, our 24-weeker was about nine months old, home with her dad and me. It was winter, and she had pneumonia. She was trached, on a ventilator with a three-foot radius, she was on oxygen, and she needed […]

10 Embarrassing Things Said by a NICU Dad

Our micropreemie, Zoey, was born at 24 weeks. She was our first child, so we were launched into the NICU with lots of questions and very different approaches to parenting. There are certain stand-out moments that in retrospect I appreciate, but at the time, I was embarrassed by them. Here are ten of the most […]

If We Could Edit Preemie Birth Memories

Whenever someone tells me they’re expecting a baby, I have to bite my tongue, and be careful not to say, “I hope you make it to term.” No, I tell myself, the appropriate response is, “Congratulations!” This is one of those things about being a preemie parent – when someone is giving updates and looking […]