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Sleep Awareness for Preemie Parents

It’s a huge relief to finally have your baby home from the NICU, but there can be anxiety leaving the dedicated staff and reliable monitors behind. If you are arriving home without equipment, it can be extremely frightening to allow your baby to sleep without standing there staring right at him/her. Our first night home, I decided that I would just never sleep again. Period. Eventually my body gave out and after a few nights of trying, I realized that my baby was doing just fine without me. For the record, the NICU follows specific standards set by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to ensure that your baby is capable of sleeping/breathing consistently before they are discharged. [Read more]

Good Sleep Habits for Preemies and Babies with Special Needs

Sleep. We all need sleep. Why is it sometimes so hard to get? I expected to be sleep deprived after I brought home my newborn. What I didn’t expect was the ways that having a preemie and then later, a baby with special needs, also complicated their sleep habits. I had far less control over […]

Getting Your Preemie To Sleep

Baby sleep is such a hot topic in the parenting world, one Google search and anyone could be overwhelmed with Baby Wise, attachment parenting, and everything in between. Having a preemie makes all “normal” baby behaviors more complex; and can be very overwhelming to a new mom or dad. Sleep is crucial to your preemie’s mental […]