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When Breastfeeding Fails

I had never, ever thought about breastfeeding and really wanted no part of it.  I was okay with formula feeding since I had seen my niece and nephew thrive just fine on formula feeds. As I learned that I was having twins and that they were probably going to be arriving earlier than 40 weeks, I […]

A Prematurity Story: World Prematurity Day

Once upon a time an expectant mother and father eagerly anticipated the arrival of a healthy baby on or around their due date in 40 weeks’ time. Unfortunately at some point during the prenatal period, things took a turn for the worst, and instead of welcoming a baby on their due date, these same parents […]

Scars: A Reminder of our Journey

When your child is in the NICU, you are more than preoccupied with getting your child healthy and ready to come home.  There are thousands of things running through your mind.  You are starting to get things ready to come home: taking CPR courses, learning all the cords, getting the nursery ready, preparing brothers and […]

Through the Eyes of a Father

When you get a phone call from the hospital telling you that they are going to transfer your wife and deliver your twins 3 months early, everything stops.  The next thing I know, I’m leaving work and on my way back to the hospital.  Melissa was pretty out of it when I got there and […]

The Forgotten NICU Parent

Preemie Babies 101 is a misleading name for our blog. We’re about more than just preemies. We’re about the experience of the NICU as a whole, and those that write for us share those experiences with our readers even when it’s difficult to go back there. For you. To help you through a time when […]