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We Need to Change our Thinking About the Mom’s Role in Premature Birth Prevention

I have been part of the premature birth community for nearly five years now since giving birth to my 26-weeker. I’ve talked with so many women who’ve experienced premature birth for a myriad of reasons, as well as women who are pregnant and hoping baby stays in just a couple weeks, days, hours longer. And […]

You Are Not Alone

It’s a topic people don’t often talk about, infertility. It can be considered a “taboo” subject, yet it’s much more common than you may realize. 3 years ago, I was pregnant with triplets. That’s when I decided to go public with my struggles to get pregnant, and I soon learned that I wasn’t alone.

It’s ironic to look back at my life and see my plans for children. I spend my 20’s worrying about getting pregnant, but when I hit my 30’s, I tried everything to get pregnant, without any luck. I never thought in a million years that I would have trouble conceiving when I was ready. But month after month, that pregnancy test came back negative. And every month, my heart sank a little deeper. [Read more]

Coming to Terms with Not Going to Term: One Mother’s Journey Through Premature Delivery Guilt

I delivered my son prematurely after my waters broke totally unexpectedly at 33 weeks. It was traumatic in every sense. I blamed myself, and the guilt that ate away at me year after year solidified my decision that I would never have another child. I knew that somehow, in some way, I had screwed up, and the thought of having another baby petrified me. Matthew was to grow up an only child.

Maternal guilt is a powerful thing. It engulfs you, immobilizes you, and is often immune to reason and logic. Guilt, like so many emotions, is not something anyone chooses to feel. And likewise you cannot just let it go. Guilt releases you in its own time. I remember when my mother told me how proud she was that I had moved on. I told her I hadn’t done anything; the guilt had just left me. Learning about prematurity through internet research helped a lot. So many other women, from all different walks of life, had seemingly experienced the same thing I had: spontaneous preterm rupture of the membranes. I wasn’t alone, and I wasn’t to blame. And very slowly I began to toy with the idea of having another child. [Read more]

Who Decides? Life-saving Care for Micropreemies

When Miri’s water broke at 22 weeks and 6 days of gestation, we knew our child was in extreme danger, and we were trying to cling to some hope he might live. The neonatologist who came to talk to us didn’t help with hope. “At this stage, I don’t recommend that babies should be intubated […]

Sophie Carney Nominated Dr. Stewart Lawrence for the 2014 NICU Heroes Award

As a mother of four healthy, full-term girls ages 2 – 7, Sophie Carney, along with her husband and family, entered a whole new world during her fifth pregnancy.  Pregnant with identical twin girls, Carney received serious news in her second trimester. A rare condition known as twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) was affecting her babies, […]