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My Preemie Did Not Graduate From Early Intervention

My preemie just finished his first few weeks of preschool. After a rocky first few days, everyone says he is doing just fine. I was so surprised to hear that, considering neither one of us handles transitions well. (I think having a certain stuffed blue Rhino with him helped.) I am also surprised by how […]

Transitioning From Early Intervention to Special Education Preschool

I never believed people when they said that time flies – until I had a child that taught me just how precious time really is. [Read more]

Your Preemie Is Starting Pre-School: 5 Things to Consider

During our 44-day NICU stay, I used to dream of our preemie entering school, lunch pail in hand and confidently carrying his backpack. But to be honest, I wasn’t sure that day would ever come. Fast forward four years and that day has come. Below are a few things we considered when choosing the right […]

{Professional Insight} Choosing the “Right” Childcare

I like to start any discussion of childcare by pointing out that I firmly believe that child care encompasses far more than routine care. Far beyond dressing, diaper changing, and feeding, the childcare you choose not only stands to significantly shape your child’s earliest learning experiences, but will also be important for her overall health […]

The Importance of Early Intervention

While lots of kids big and small are headed back to school soon, our son is still a year away from starting preschool. We have been so blessed with his progress. We were informed when our son came seven weeks early that we should be aware that there might be delays, whether they be developmental or speech related. I remember telling myself to keep an optimistic view on the matter, while the reality was quite unsettling. How was I going to tell if there were delays? I’m no expert. This is our first child. What am I supposed to look for? [Read more]