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A Letter to My Doctor

Dear Trusted Doctor, I knew at 16 weeks. At 18 weeks I spoke up. At 20 weeks I pleaded. At 22 weeks it was too late to stop. Despite aggressive measures at 23 weeks, five days, I cradled two perfectly formed babies in my arms. For two hours I held them, kissed them, whispered over […]

Making Peace with My C-sections

Before I had children, I hoped I would never need a Cesarean section. I thought I stood a pretty good chance of avoiding them. My mom didn’t have C-sections, and I have wide hips. I was young and healthy. I knew better than to write a birth plan in stone, but it seemed a shame […]

Preemie Fatherhood at a Moment’s Notice

I was ready for children years before my husband, Mike, embraced the idea. As I impatiently waited for him to give the green light, the ticking of my biological clock constantly rang in my ears. Looking back, I am so thankful he asked for more time – he instinctively knew that parenthood was more than […]