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A NICU Nurse Reunion

This is Jeannie. I met Jeannie in the NICU when she was assigned to my identical twin girls one Saturday afternoon. Still early enough in our NICU stay, we had bounced around from nurse to nurse, a new face each day, a new name to try not to forget, and a new personality to try […]

How This Extra Step Made Our NICU Stay More Bearable

When my husband and I found out we were having twins, I was both excited and scared, and one of the first things my then-medical-student husband said to me was, “You know, they’ll probably be in the NICU for a while.” No, I didn’t know that, but after he said it, I started to read about […]

How the Right Primary Nurse Helped Save My Son

A week after giving birth to my son Jharid 16 weeks early, I decided to take a short break from staring at him through the incubator in the NICU. It was incredibly hard leaving my one pound five ounce baby with just the nurses to watch over him, but it had to be done. I […]

Our NICU Nurses, Our Teachers

Our daughter Daphne had a fairly long NICU stay for a 27-weeker, which earned her the chance to spend time with dozens of nurses. In fact, every nurse in the large unit had the honor to care for her at least once. The first few weeks were grueling. She was so sick and needed such […]

Primary Nurses, A.K.A. Your Baby’s Guardian Angel

While our son was in the NICU, we had the opportunity to meet two wonderful people who helped our son thrive while he was there. I’m talking about his primary nurses. These people are a God send and I believe they are essential for your baby while they are in the NICU. Not to mention […]