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Do I Have Delayed-Onset PTSD?

It’s been over two years since my daughter’s traumatic and extremely premature birth, and I’m just now realizing that I might suffer from a form of PTSD. According to the Mayo Clinic, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) symptoms may start within three months of a traumatic event, but sometimes symptoms may not appear until years after the event. […]

The Grief of a Special Needs Parent

    Most people associate grief, especially complicated grief, as something only experienced after the death of a loved one. However, many people fail to understand that complicated grief isn’t just about death.      In an article entitled Complicated Grief, the Mayo Clinic states: “While normal grief symptoms gradually start to fade over a few […]

Surviving the Unknown: Seizures

It was the moment she stopped breathing. Having lost her triplet brother earlier in the year, there’s no question this was the last straw that triggered my PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). It wasn’t the bed rest, the 27-week preterm delivery, the loss of Carter at 49 days, or the 111 total days we spent in […]

If Only I Had…

It was a cold, clear day in February, the sun was shining through the windows of our playroom and my daughters, Avery and Lily were busy investigating a new toy, pushing every button and making every song sing over and over and over again.  Unfortunately, their sister Zoe was not feeling her best.  She had […]

Going Back to the Scene of a Trauma: Finding Closure and Healing

Every summer for the last 35 years, my husband, Steve, and his family have been going “up north” for a week-long vacation of fishing and relaxing. They have never, ever missed a year. I’ve been going for as long as I’ve known my husband. We stay at the same beautiful resort each year: comfortable cabins, […]