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Tips to Stay Well During RSV Season

by Sel Unite, MD, Pediatrician at Treehouse Pediatrics Usually I enjoy a little bit of cold weather here in Austin. It’s a welcome break from some of the almost unbearable days of scorching heat in August and September, and it reminds me that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. Unfortunately, at least from […]

Three of the Scariest Letters Ever: RSV

When you have a preemie a ton of things go running through your mind, especially illness. I remember the doctors talking to us about Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). As soon as I heard everything about it I was scared to death that Kendall was going to get it and could possibly die because of it. […]

My RSV Story. My Voice.

This is still the hardest part of the story to tell. The story of my girl born way-too-soon, weighing way-too-little. Because this is the point in the story where we let our guard down. Where we actually let ourselves believe that our girl’s prematurity was behind her; that we were in the clear.