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Graduating from Therapy is Possible

The day you get the call your child is coming home from the NICU is one of the best feelings in the world. Then the emotions and realizations set in that my child is coming home, with monitors and cords galore as well as oxygen tanks, and we aren’t near ready. We were home for a […]

Delight Despite Delays

Sometimes you don’t need to fight for your child. Sometimes they can just play, just be. Sometimes, for parents preemies or special needs kids, it’s hard to know when it is one of those “sometimes.” When my son was born at 23 weeks gestation, I knew he probably wouldn’t be typical, but I kept fighting […]

Your Preemie Is Starting Pre-School: 5 Things to Consider

During our 44-day NICU stay, I used to dream of our preemie entering school, lunch pail in hand and confidently carrying his backpack. But to be honest, I wasn’t sure that day would ever come. Fast forward four years and that day has come. Below are a few things we considered when choosing the right […]

School, but My Child is Only 3?!

Many of us come home from the NICU and enter a whole new world.  We have countless doctor appointments, monitors, medications, etc.  A lot of us also are introduced to a form of early intervention services for our child.  In Texas these services are call ECI, each state has their own abbreviation.  Early intervention services […]

Off to School, Not Off My Mind

As usual, summer is passing by quickly. There must be something about the combination of bare feet, fresh cut grass, burgers on the grill and chlorine that speeds up time. Those Back to School shopping  commercials have already started and those upbeat tweens comparing sneakers and picking out their cool new school supplies make me hyperventilate. While I […]