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Researchers and Parents Working Together Meet Research Milestone

The NICU community is a world in which information and ideas are shared and collaboration is key. Hand to Hold often has the opportunity to work with medical professionals and other organizations on a variety of research studies. One such research study has been funded by┬áPatient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and will help define […]

Seizures at Birth: Meilani’s Journey

My pregnancy was amazing. I never knew there was something so rewarding! Every check up our daughter was right on for growth, and I was healthy.

journey seizures term baby in hospitalAt my 39 week check up on October 26, 2015, I had been having some issues with swelling and headaches. My urine dip had protein in it, and I had high blood pressure. I informed my OB of the swelling in my right leg, and I was immediately sent for a ultra sound of my lower leg. Later that day I was admitted for a blood clot. Our daughter was perfectly healthy, yet here I was stuck in the hospital. [Read more]

Back to the Battlefield of Prematurity

Today, I am leaving Preemie Babies 101 behind. I am reluctantly packing my bags and heading out on a road that I know nothing about, yet everything about. I am heading back into the battlefield of prematurity. While my daughter is 3-1/2 and you’d think that her prematurity is behind her, you’d soon realize there […]