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The Four Areas of Self-Care

Practicing self-care is important for all of us and even more crucial for parents of preemies and children with special needs.  Below are several examples of how you can nurture yourself and make self-renewal a part of your everyday life in the four areas of self-care: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental.1 Physical Care Be kind […]

Put On Your Oxygen Mask First – Practicing Good Self-Care

In my former life I traveled for work. Every time a flight attendant would give a safety demo and say, “Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others,” it got me thinking. Really, does it make sense to help yourself first? What if you are stronger and more capable? It seems so selfish. That […]

5 NICU-friendly Tips to Lower Stress and Anxiety

To say the NICU is a stressful place to be is explicitly stating the obvious. NICU parents and their loved ones will all agree that it is extremely stressful to have your baby in the hospital, connected to tubes and wires and requiring treatment. The uncertainty of your day to day life leaves you feeling […]

Three Things to Do When Given a Special Needs Diagnosis at Birth

I never imagined I would have a special needs child. No one ever does, I suppose. My dreams were for a happy, healthy bouncing boy. A brother for my firstborn. Although there were slight indicators something was wrong when my baby was in utero – primarily that he had a two vessel cord – I […]

Taking Care of YOU with a Special Needs Child

It’s 5am. Tears well in my eyes as I fill the tub, holding a squirming, poop-covered toddler. I can’t believe this has been happening daily for a month now. What if he never outgrows this phase? How am I supposed to get through the day if I’m already falling apart? No matter how hard I try, […]