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Identifying and Managing Delays in Sensory Integration in Children

As a child develops, so does their sensory system, allowing them to react to the world and the people in it. Most children are able to comprehend sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell and process them in a way that works seamlessly together. Some children, though, experience problems with sensory integration and have adverse effects […]

7 Tips for a Successful Summer with Your Preemie

Summer – glorious summer! I love the season, but the first time he saw it, my baby hated everything about it. Now that we’re all out of isolation, how do we make the most of this time of year? My preemie was born in the middle of a beautiful northern summer, but with eyes fused […]

{FB Chat} Overcoming Feeding Obstacles

Speech Language Therapist Julie Wahrenberger, M.S., CCC-SLP from Spring Branch Speech Therapy discussed feeding obstacles that preemies and NICU babies sometimes face and how to overcome them. [Read more]

Enjoy Some “Best” Moments with Your Kids at the Library this Summer

One of the best moments I had while my son, Ben, was in the NICU for 68 days – and we all know those moments can be few and far between – was when his nurse suggested I read a book to him. For some of you, reading to your baby would be a no-brainer, […]

Meeting Sun & Sand with a Sensory-Challenged Preemie

Kellan loves to be outside but has severe sensory issues, as preemies often times do. The sun hurts his big blue eyes, the grass bothers his hands and feet, high pitched sounds seem to distract him, and the heat gets to him far faster than most babies. He’s 16 months old and not walking yet, so he has to crawl everywhere to get anywhere. Texture and location are two of my biggest concerns when considering activities for him. But it’s time for some summer fun and I want to give my little guy as much of an opportunity to get out there as the next little one. [Read more]