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7 Tips for a Successful Summer with Your Preemie

Summer – glorious summer! I love the season, but the first time he saw it, my baby hated everything about it. Now that we’re all out of isolation, how do we make the most of this time of year? My preemie was born in the middle of a beautiful northern summer, but with eyes fused […]

Helping Children with Special Sensory Needs

Wondering if you have a sensory sensitive child? Sensory sensitivities come in two basic varieties; hyper-sensitivity and under-sensitivity. These sensitivities need to be properly understood in order for us as parents to help our children. Understanding the sensitivities Hyper-sensitivity. Hyper-sensitivities are often easier to spot. Textures, flavors, sounds and movement may upset the child or […]

Sensory Processing Disorder in Toddlers

The day I learned that my son, Dallas was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) I went home and cried. I cried for his future, I cried for the unknown, I cried for finally having an answer and I cried because I felt like I somehow was responsible for this. If my body just had […]

Not Delayed Enough: Navigating School for the First Time

Like many parents of preemies, I have remained hyper-vigilant about the care and development of my surviving micropreemie triplets.  Early on we are taught how important Early Intervention is to ensure our babies hit their milestones as infants and toddlers.  My husband and I felt our girls started life with so much stacked against them […]