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Navigating the NICU as a Family: Connecting Siblings with NICU Babies

Sibling love is a tough journey for any family and even harder when you have a baby in the NICU. Learning to manage your own emotions, as well as the guilt and stress that comes with having a medically fragile child, can come at a large cost. When you add siblings into the mix, the […]

4 Ways I Helped My Older Children Deal with a Premature Sibling

I woke up that morning and felt “funny.” I couldn’t really put my finger on what was wrong. At only 27 weeks pregnant, I refused to let my mind believe that the back pain I was having was actually contractions. Curling up on the couch didn’t help, chugging glasses of water gave no relief, and […]

An Interview with a Preemie Sibling

It may seem strange, on a website about premature birth, that I’m writing a blog post about a baby born on his due date, weighing an even eight pounds.  But that’s exactly the case with my son, Tucker.  His sister?  Not so much.  She arrived traumatically and unexpectedly, four months prior to her due date. […]