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Fear of Leaving the NICU

My second son was born with a long list of medical complications and special needs that sent him to the NICU the night we was born. He became so sick that he was transferred from his delivery hospital to the NICU of our local Children’s hospital. He wasn’t discharged until he was two months old.

The days leading up to his discharge were more difficult for me than the length of his stay. I was scared to take him home. [Read more]

Accessing Resources with Help from a Social Worker

Having a preemie is a very scary process and can also be very confusing. When your baby arrives early, you’re not prepared in the way you might have been if you’d carried to full term. I know this was the case for us. I was 31 weeks pregnant with our twins when I delivered unexpectedly […]

NICU Heroes Award Recognizes Great Acts of Compassion

My husband and I were taken by surprise when our daughter was born early and gasping for breath. They whisked her quickly away to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a place I had never fathomed we would be.  This was the very place where our daughter received the surfactant for her lungs and where nurses helped us […]

Outstanding Central Texas Medical Professionals Receive Awards

Love for our children is primal – before even hearing the first heartbeat we dream of holding them and kissing them and protecting them with the ferocity of a lion. But for some moms (like me) and many dads, too, when a baby is born preterm or with special health care needs, the natural bonding […]