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Talking to Your Child about Their Disability

“Yes I Can” Starts with Coaching by Us At some point, parents and caregivers have to cross a hard bridge: to tell a child about his disability. Admittedly, I didn’t watch a lot of the coverage of the sports coverage from Rio this year. However, when I stumbled across the Channel 4 Rio Paralympics promotional […]

My Preemie Did Not Graduate From Early Intervention

My preemie just finished his first few weeks of preschool. After a rocky first few days, everyone says he is doing just fine. I was so surprised to hear that, considering neither one of us handles transitions well. (I think having a certain stuffed blue Rhino with him helped.) I am also surprised by how […]

Educating Yourself on a Down Syndrome Diagnosis

Look, it’s true. I’m not going to lie to you. My life was never the same after I received a Down syndrome diagnosis for my unborn son five years ago.

In the beginning, I thought that was a horrible, terrible, devastating thing.

Then parental instincts kicked in, I read things I might have glossed over before and slowly I became more educated. I also fell in love with my preemie and his always-moving legs and downy soft shock of blonde hair. [Read more]

Advice from a Former TEF Preemie, Now a Preemie Dad

My husband was a preemie and a special needs child. I guess I’d always known that, though I’d never applied “special needs” to anything to do with him. After the birth of our third child, however, I saw that part of my spouse’s past in a new way. My husband was born as a late […]

Good Sleep Habits for Preemies and Babies with Special Needs

Sleep. We all need sleep. Why is it sometimes so hard to get? I expected to be sleep deprived after I brought home my newborn. What I didn’t expect was the ways that having a preemie and then later, a baby with special needs, also complicated their sleep habits. I had far less control over […]