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Affording the NICU: 6 Ways to Reduce the Cost

A few weeks into my daughter’s NICU stay, my husband discovered a mistake. We had failed to put M on our insurance. The process had changed, and we had missed the enrollment deadline. My husband said that he almost collapsed to the floor when he learned we would be responsible for weeks of NICU bills. […]

Social Security Disability Benefits for Your Preemie

As if being thrust into preemie parenthood is not overwhelming enough from parental and medical viewpoints, the financial aspects of an early arrival can leave you feeling just as helpless. When Roxy was just a couple days old, we were met by a hospital social worker at her bedside.  We were asked for a variety […]

{Friday Feature} Bee Mighty

Our son, the mighty Shaw Richter, was born at 27 weeks, just over two pounds and spent 122 days in the NICU. Shaw’s medical history is long in his short 2 years of life. He suffered a stroke at birth and endured 22 spinal taps that left a permanent bruise on his backside. He had […]

Need Financial Assistance? A Guide to SSI, Medicaid, BCMH and WIC

I remember having the girls and not even thinking about money. I remember how overwhelmed I felt when we started getting bills for thousands and thousands of dollars. I immediately started freaking out and had no clue what we were going to do in order to pay all these bills. My mom works for an […]

New to the NICU? 10 Questions to Ask!

If you’re like me, the first few days of our NICU stay were a complete blur.  There was the emergency c-section which happened way too fast, the hours of shaking while the epidural wore off, the relief in hearing my preemie cry, the hours of horrendous pain the first night and the pumping.  Oh, the […]