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Put On Your Oxygen Mask First – Practicing Good Self-Care

In my former life I traveled for work. Every time a flight attendant would give a safety demo and say, “Put your oxygen mask on first before helping others,” it got me thinking. Really, does it make sense to help yourself first? What if you are stronger and more capable? It seems so selfish. That […]

5 NICU-friendly Tips to Lower Stress and Anxiety

To say the NICU is a stressful place to be is explicitly stating the obvious. NICU parents and their loved ones will all agree that it is extremely stressful to have your baby in the hospital, connected to tubes and wires and requiring treatment. The uncertainty of your day to day life leaves you feeling […]

Life in the NICU: A Stressful Situation

A normal pregnancy, followed by an easy delivery, that’s what every mother hopes for. Those first moments after giving birth should be filled with happy tears, while you cradle your new bundle of joy. But for preemie moms – and even term-NICU moms – that usually isn’t the case. For me, my happy day turned […]

{Professional Insight}: Loving Yourself

The month of February is full of roses, dinner dates, love letters, champagne, and sugary delights in heart shaped boxes… Not exactly the things that a mom in the NICU—sitting in a rocking chair, watching numbers on a monitor, praying her baby will be OK—is experiencing. It’s not uncommon for a NICU mom to feel […]

{Professional Insight} Postpartum Stress & Mental Health after a Preemie

Having a baby is one of the most life-changing events a person will go through; having a baby born prematurely or with a NICU experience is not only life-altering, it’s also complicated with extra layers of fear, trauma, and loss of control. This article highlights mental health functioning and ways to support the mental well […]