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FAQs: Sunscreen & Babies

Summer means sun and fun, and if you’ve recently emerged from isolation at the end of RSV season, you are more than ready to take advantage of the longer, warmer days by visiting the park or the pool. Being out and about means you’re going to want to protect your baby from the sun’s harmful rays. […]

Summer Safety for Your Preemie

by Priya Shankar and Veena Krishnan Disclaimer: This article is not meant to replace the advice of your personal physician. Summer has just begun and we’ve already been experiencing record-breaking heat. Children and pregnant women are especially vulnerable to the effects of extreme heat exposure. With more 100 degree days on the way, our job […]

7 Tips for a Successful Summer with Your Preemie

Summer – glorious summer! I love the season, but the first time he saw it, my baby hated everything about it. Now that we’re all out of isolation, how do we make the most of this time of year? My preemie was born in the middle of a beautiful northern summer, but with eyes fused […]

Enjoy the Summer with Your Preemie

I dreamed of the summer I was going to have with my baby. My first child was due June 10th and we were going to relax together in the best months of the year. That dream turned into a nightmare when my water broke at 19 weeks of pregnancy. My son was born the day […]

Moving With Your Special Needs Child

As a military family, we are likely to be transferred every three to four years. Having a child with significant special needs can make this a daunting task. Since our seven year-old son was born we have moved only twice, but have learned many important lessons. Our first move was within the same state, but […]