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NICU Nurses: The Definition of a Hero

How do you say thank you to the people who saved your child’s life? Finding words to honor their dedication, compassion, kindness, brilliance, and love is an impossibly difficult task. [Read more]

Bringing Gift-Giving to the NICU

This time of year is a wonderful time of year to thank and celebrate those who have made an impact in our lives.  It’s also a great time to give back and encourage those who might find it hard to find things to celebrate.  There are two things I love doing with my preemie, who […]

Hope During a Medical Crisis

I was keeping hope that it would be good news; our family didn’t need another medical crisis. But when the doctor called that day, my heart sank. It isn’t a good sign to get results from a brain MRI almost immediately. People told me to “stay positive” and “be thankful.” But you know what?  “Staying positive” didn’t seem possible for […]