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Delight Despite Delays

Sometimes you don’t need to fight for your child. Sometimes they can just play, just be. Sometimes, for parents preemies or special needs kids, it’s hard to know when it is one of those “sometimes.” When my son was born at 23 weeks gestation, I knew he probably wouldn’t be typical, but I kept fighting […]

How to Cope with not Meeting Milestones

When your child hits milestones, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. We all get excited, jump up and down, and share the news with pretty much everyone we know.

When you have a preemie in the NICU or just home from the NICU, what happens? Do they still hit those milestones? Do they accomplish them later? What can you do if they aren’t meeting milestones, how do you cope?

Milestones were huge for us in our house, and I will tell you that they did not come easy and were not accomplished in the normal time frame. So how do you deal with it? [Read more]

{Professional Insight} Blogging Your Way Through Your NICU Journey

You never forget the day your preemie was born.

You probably didn’t expect it. You definitely didn’t want it. And, if you’re like me, it led to many miserable days amid beeping machines, whimpering babies and occasional emergency procedures that made half your hair fall out.

Blogging didn’t save my life. But it certainly helped. [Read more]

{FB Chat} Therapy and Your Child

In our latest Facebook chat, we spoke to Doug Levine of Growing Places Therapy in Austin, TX. Doug has practiced therapy for 19 years and has provided services in the home setting, clinic settings, school districts, Early Childhood Intervention, and has worked closely with a variety of doctors. • • • • • • • Listen to NICU Now, Hand to […]

{Professional Insight} Choosing Your Child’s Therapist

Please join us on Wednesday, February 17, 2016, at 11 a.m. CST on the Hand to Hold Facebook page for an informative interactive chat on physical and occupational therapy. Our guest will be Doug Levine, MPT, of Growing Places Therapy.

A prescription for physical, occupational, or speech therapy is like a prescription for antibiotics—you can have it filled wherever you choose. Unlike a medication, however, the therapist you choose will have an ongoing relationship with you and your child that your child may benefit from for years to come. You should choose carefully. Interview therapists and assess therapeutic settings to determine what will be the best fit for your whole family, as well as for your child. [Read more]