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Toddler Surgery: A Follow up Post

This is a follow-up from Alden’s first post, Sleep Like a Baby: Toddler Sleep Study.

After a few months of doctor’s appointments and tests, our 22-month-old daughter, Neala, had her tonsils and adenoids removed, as well as her turbinates reduced. She was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, and after her sleep study, we went to the ear, nose and throat doctor for a follow up appointment. They informed us that she’d greatly benefit from surgery and as she sat contently reading her books in the doctor’s office, he said, “Oh, yeah…we can really help that!” The “that” he was referring to was her Darth Vader breathing which I’d become so used to that I hadn’t realized that our definition of quiet and everyone else’s definition of quiet was completely different. [Read more]

Halloween in the NICU

Halloween is right around the corner, and having a preemie or a baby in the NICU can be a different experience for Halloween then you ever imagined.

Our girls were born at the end of May, but we had no idea if either of our girls were going to be home by October, or if we would even take them out on Halloween. With preemies there are more things to consider than taking your little one out to get some candy and show off their cute costume. [Read more]

Six Ways Dads Can Help in the NICU

One of the things about becoming a Dad for the first time is that you feel a little disconnected as Mom is by far the more necessary person in the birth. Having your first child go in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is especially frustrating, as it feels like there is so little you can […]

Surviving the Post-NICU Roller Coaster

The nurses kept saying that the ups and downs of my son’s NICU experience were all just “part of the roller coaster ride of the NICU.” The NICU, to me, was not a roller coaster. There was nearly nothing fun about it. Our NICU ride left me dizzy, uncertain of which way was up. It […]

12 Tips for Getting Synagis Injections Approved

Getting Synagis injections approved by insurance companies can be cumbersome, but for me the threat of my babies catching RSV was always worse. So, I stumbled my way through several Synagis approval scenarios. Hopefully, these tips can make your Synagis quest a little easier. But first, it’s important to understand that there are general guidelines that […]