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Donating Blood to Help Save Lives

Donating blood is something that we hear about often, whether it be on TV, ads, or friends and family. I think donating blood gets overlooked a lot. Until I was in high school, I always seemed to think, “Why should I donate blood? No one I know needs any.” Then I realized it didn’t matter […]

How NICU Nurses Helped Me Learn to Parent

At just over half-way through my pregnancy, it was finally starting to sink in that we were about to become parents. I had started feeling the baby kick. My husband felt the baby move with his hand on my belly for the first time. We needed to begin preparing ourselves and our home for a new addition! We […]

Sara’s Story

This story was kindly submitted by Sara, one of our readers. I had twin preemies due to pPROM. My water broke with twin A (Kaleb) at 18w (4/18/10).  I spent 86 days on bedrest until I had an emergency c-section due to placenta abruption. Kaleb & Kameron Crane were born on 7/11/2010 at 29 weeks. […]

Amy’s Story

This story was thoughtfully submitted by Amy, one of our readers. Derek William – born at 30 weeks, after my water broke at 26 weeks. Born at 2lbs, 14-1/2 inches, on August 14th, 2010. Derek was transported to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (where we live) where he would spend 154 days in the incredible NICU. […]

Michelle’s Story

  This story was submitted by Michelle, one of our readers. We had no idea what journey we began on Jan 20, 2010.  Sarai Elizabeth Burns was born at 25 wks 2 days. She was 1lb 14 1/2oz and 12 1/2″ long. We spent 123 days in the NICU at BSA in Amarillo, Texas. The […]