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Learning the Language of Grief: Telling a Twinless Twin About Their Twin

My son woke up tonight from a nightmare. He told me his best friend was dead. As a parent of a twinless twin, the symbolism was very difficult for me. A best friend. Dead. Could the image in his nightmare have been his brother? How do you go about telling a little boy that there […]

On Catching Up. Or Not.

As the parent of a preemie, at some point during your NICU stay, or soon after, you will hear the famous, or infamous, “catch up by two” expression. This means that by two years old, your child is expected to have caught up developmentally with his or her peers. While for later-term preemies this may […]

Prematurity Awareness and Choices

Since my daughter Daphne was born three and a half years ago, I have read hundreds of stories of babies who were born too soon. They are all different, all heartbreaking and many of them share one thing: surprise. A normal pregnancy, nowhere near term, interrupted, lives changed. That is not my prematurity story. As […]

A NICU Sisterhood Found – Stella’s Story

“I’m very concerned because it seems a sac has torn on Twin A.” “Should I go on bed rest?” “Sure, that would be best.” I had no idea what a “torn sac” meant; but I knew I was only 15 weeks into my pregnancy, and I needed to take it easy to protect my babies.  […]