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How to Pass the Days in the NICU

Some time passes slowly in the NICU; some time flies by. It’s okay to distract yourself during these long days, weeks, or even months. [Read more]

When I Knew I Was A Father

A reflection on a dad’s experience in the NICU, and the moment he realized that he was truly a father. [Read more]

Your Story is Valid

As a supportive network of NICU parents, we do our best not to compare experiences, but to recognize that everyone’s experience is different, and everyone’s feelings about that experience are completely valid. It seems no matter how long the NICU stay, many of us carry some degree of guilt about not being able to protect our babies.

Each experience is unique to that parent. [Read more]

A NICU Nurse Reunion

This is Jeannie. I met Jeannie in the NICU when she was assigned to my identical twin girls one Saturday afternoon. Still early enough in our NICU stay, we had bounced around from nurse to nurse, a new face each day, a new name to try not to forget, and a new personality to try […]

Graduating from Occupational Therapy

My 8-year-old twin girls graduated from occupational therapy last week.

Our journey in therapy has not been a long one. For years I counted us among the lucky ones: 31-weekers who, through babyhood and toddlerhood, showed no immediate signs of needing assistance. They met their milestones about two months behind, as expected. They didn’t have trouble eating or speaking.

Sure, they were a little clumsy, but they were kids.

Sure, I ended up helping with shoes, zippers and buttons way longer than I should have, but there were two of them. It was just faster that way. We were fine.

Last summer I started to realize that maybe we weren’t fine. [Read more]