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Waiting for Your Preemie to Walk

“Wait!” and then, “no, this way!” is all I seem to be yelling now once my son and I are out the door in the morning. I am trying to rush him to the car, but, as is the case with most toddlers, he has a mind of his own. He almost always heads for the yard instead of the car. “Stick!” he will proudly exclaim, holding said object and waving it around proudly. I must admit I have to try very hard to stop myself from yelling “hurry up! we’re late” even though I am almost always running late. When you’ve waited this long for your child to walk, you really can’t bring yourself to tell them to “hurry up,” can you? I mean, did you ever imagine the day you’d be telling him to “hurry up”? [Read more]

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