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The Death of a Child, Seven Years Later

babieswithnecThrough my website www.babieswithnec.com, I network with parents every week. With every story submission I walk down the memories of Caitlyn passing and feel the pain of the parent writing the story. I follow up with them when I publish the story online and, in some cases, our communication continues for months.

Recently, I read and published a story. The parents had lost their daughter in December and in my responses I always talk of Caitlyn. It was hard to believe it when I wrote she passed away almost seven years ago.

On April 5, Caitlyn should have been 7-years-old. I am sure she would have been an amazing, beautiful, strong young girl. I would have spoiled her, protected her, loved her so much. Today, I talk to her, feel her near and ask her to help me. She does help me, always has and as much as I know I have changed since losing her, I know it didn’t happen for a reason. I wish she was here but in life, we have to take what we get and do our best….somehow I do.

Elaine Jones About Elaine Jones

Elaine Jones (Canada) gave birth to a beautiful daughter, Caitlyn, on April 5, 2006. She was born at 28 weeks due to severe preeclampsia coupled with HELLP Syndrome. She contracted NEC and on the morning of April 16, Easter Sunday, Elaine held Caitlyn in her arms as she passed from this life to the next. Life changed forever. A year later, Elaine created Babies with NEC, a website to help parents, like her, share their story and network together. She personally contacts every parent and finds therapy in helping them. Elaine is the proud mom of two other children, Zoe and Phoenix. You can also contact her on Facebook.


  1. Elaine, thank you for sharing and thank you for all you do for other families in memory of Caitlyn. I’m five years out since Zoe’s death and thought it would get easier with time. In some ways it has and as you mentioned we just have to do our best each day, knowing that every day is different and that means our “best” will be too.

    Sending you hugs!

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