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The Meaning of a Moment

The Haller Family shares “the meaning of a moment” in this video following the premature birth of their daughter, Kate, in support of Hand to Hold. This organization provides support and resources that they wish existed during their experience in 2007.

Babs Haller About Babs Haller

Babs (TX) is the mother of premature twins, Jack and Kate. Jack was delivered at 24 weeks following an umbilical cord accident and died. Kate, born two weeks later, spent 59 days in the NICU. From age 4, she has required occupational and vision therapy. Babs is passionate about supporting families affected by loss and prematurity, raising funds for prevention research, and serving as an awareness ambassador. Babs is proud to have been the first staff member of Hand to Hold. View a video about her experience or email her.


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