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When My Water Broke

I will never forget September 30, 2008 for as long as I live.  That is the day that my life changed and has never been the same.

I was 21 weeks pregnant with twin girls and so excited.  I decided to stay home from work that day because I had a horrible cold.  I slept on and off until about 10:30.  I turned over in bed and felt like I had peed in my pants.  Great, I thought, I’m not even that far along and already I’m having accidents.  I went to the bathroom, cleaned up, changed and started to get back into bed.  It happened again!  This time, though, I couldn’t clean myself up.  The fluid just kept gushing.  I started talking to someone that wasn’t there.  “Oh no!  My water broke!  Oh, this is not good!”  I was crying hysterically as I called my OB’s office.  The nurse had me hold for what felt like forever before she came back on the line and said, “Honey, you need to get right to the hospital.”  I could tell by the sound of her voice that this was not good.  I started talking to myself again saying, “Get a towel.  Don’t forget your keys.  Bring the health card.”  I got in my car and began driving to the hospital.

Yes, I know, I shouldn’t have driven myself but I did.  I called my parents who for the first time in their lives didn’t answer the phone.  I left a message and kept driving.  I remember speeding by a police officer and saying, “Please, please don’t stop me.”  I got to the hospital and drove my car to the ER entrance.  I was screaming at the valet that I needed to get inside quickly and that I was afraid my babies were going to die.  He wheeled me into the ER and I sat there and screamed and cried.  Every once in awhile, a nurse would say, “Honey, it’s going to be okay.”  The worst part was that no one would look at me.  You know it’s bad when everyone averts their eyes.  Finally, I was brought back to an exam room.  The ER doctor walked in and told me that my babies were going to die.  Just like that.  She had no idea that she ripped my heart out at that moment.

My husband arrived and was hysterical.  The doctor did an ultrasound and I wouldn’t even look at it because I didn’t want to see my babies if they were already gone.  She told us that our only choices were to have a D and E or to deliver naturally.  My husband and I both agreed that we didn’t want the babies to suffer and he said he couldn’t bare to see them so we settled on a D and E.
At that moment, an angel entered our room.  It was one of our OB’s.  She said she didn’t understand why we were terminating the pregnancy.  We were so confused and told her that we had been told that was our only option.  She just shook her head and said that it was a long shot but that she would admit me to the hospital and put me on bedrest.

“Will this save our babies?,” we asked.  She said the chances were very slim but that she wasn’t willing to just give up.  We decided on the hospital bed rest and I’m so, so glad that we did.  My girls are now 18 months old and perfectly healthy and happy.  I’m not an overly religious person but I do believe that God sent that doctor to us.  She saved our babies’ lives.


  1. Samantha says:

    Reading this brought tears to my eyes! I am so glad that your angel arrived in time 🙂 Your girls are precious and beautiful!

  2. Amazing story! This story is just another example of why I’ll never trust a regular OB when it comes to high risk situations. You always need at least 2-3 opinions! I’m a firm believer in high risk specialists in MFM! Be sure to check out the article “Finding a Good High Risk Specialist” on the blog if you don’t know much about high risk specialists and how awesome they are :). Kim, was your OB in MFM?

    Anyway, I can’t believe you drove yourself to the ER. Did you start having contractions? I’m so glad your OB walked in and that you were able to go on hospital bedrest to save your babies. Your girls are adorable. I hope you’ll write a post about being on hospital bedrest – I’ve always wondered what that’s like.

    • kmaratto says:

      I am one of the 20% of women whose water broke and didn’t go into labor. I had no contractions at first and then I only had 1 here or there after that.
      My OB was not MFM. The hospital I was at treats only women and infants so most of the docs affiliated with it are excellent. They did have MFM come in, though, once I got to 24 weeks.
      Glad you liked the post!

  3. We are Kim’s parents and we could not be prouder. What Kim did not tell you in this story that she remained strong thru the entire ordeal and her focus during this difficult time along with the Doctor’s saved our granddaughters lives. We are so blessed and we know her story will give hope to other mothers.

  4. My water broke at 17 weeks and was put on bedrest at home until I reached 24 weeks. I was then admitted into the hospital until our son would arrive. I had less than 1cm of fluid the entire time after my rupture. Our original OB told us to either terminate or go on with life and I would have a miscarriage. We knew we had other options, so we found a new doctor who supported our decision to continue with our pregnancy. We had our baby boy at 28w6days and he was 2 pounds 15 ounces. He spent 112 days in the NICU and he is now a healthy 17 month old. The situation was the scariest thing to ever happen to us, but with a great doctor and faith all things are possible! Don’t give up ob your baby if you pPROM…drink lots of water and rest!!

    • We ended up seeing a specialist–perinatologist (maternal fetal medicine). If youvare ever in this situation, asked to be referred!!

      • Kimberly says:

        That is an amazing story, Lauren! Looks like we both ended up with miracle babies. I have heard from so many people who didn’t have such a happy outcome. It’s really sad.

  5. Kim . . . that is why you amaze me. You make such a difference in my own child’s life and you are one heck of a mother to those AWESOME girls . . . they are truly miracles and you are truly an inspiration!!!!!

  6. Lisa Mundy says:

    What an amazing story. I feel like my story is very similar. I even read your story to my husband and we both couldn’t believe the similarities. On 1/3/10, my water broke at 18w3d. I, too, was told that I would lose my babies within 48 hours. I was also given the choice of terminating or allowing nature to take its course (i.e. “labor” to begin). I was devestated beyond words and the only thing left to do was pray for the souls of my babies. (I was pregnant with twin girls.) My husband and I decided to wait for the inevitable. In the meantime, we asked for the priest at our hospital to pray with us and to baptize our babies when they were born. My perinatologist told us our best option was to terminate but my wonderful OB told me it was ok to fight for our girls. We stuck it out and our beautiful daughters were born on 3/25/10 (29w6d) after 12 weeks of hospital bedrest. Our beautif ul Caroline spent 8 weeks in the NICU before she came home and our amazing Gracie (the twin with the ruptured sac) is still there. She is doing well and will hopefully be joining her sister this week. We are so greatful for the amazing care we received and the wonderful advice of our OB. Most importantly, we couldn’t have made it without the prayers of our family and friends.
    I was so glad to hear of your story and my only regret is that I didn’t read it while I was going through my bedrest journey. I really could’ve used an inspirational story like yours. Congratulations on your beautiful girls.

    • Kimberly says:

      Congratulations to you and your husband on the birth of your daughters. Your story is truly amazing!! I have not met anyone else who had a twin survive when their sac ruptured. Thank you so much for sharing your story and I read it to my husband and we can’t believe how similar the stories are!

  7. That made me cry. My date was April 19, 2010. I ended up in L&D after something just didn’t feel right. Turns out I was 3cm dialated and my water sac was partially through the cervix. I just couldn’t stop crying because everyone was looking at me with pity. Although that doc was grim, she transferred me to another hospital so a MFM could evaluate and decide if I was a candidate for a cerclage. I got one only to rupture 36 hours after. I was on hospital bedrest for 5.5 weeks and my membranes resealed. I am at home and will be 30 weeks Friday. I still have 30 days until I deliver, but it was truly a miracle I had drs who didn’t give up and ask me to just let nature take its course. I wouldn’t have known any better and would have likely just given up. Like you, this is the result after 8 years of infertility. Glad your story had a happy ending!!!

    • Kimberly says:

      I will keep you and your family in my prayers. Thank God everything has been fine so far! Please update and let us know the outcome. Are you pregnant with twins?

  8. Yaimara Haban says:

    My water broke July 1, 2010… I’m on bedrest .. Just hoping and praying at this time ! … Just wanted to tell you how much hope your story has brought to our family! Thanks for posting this.

  9. Yaimara Haban says:

    I’m only 2 weeks and 3 days today

  10. Yaimara Haban says:

    I’m sorry I can’t edit.. I meant
    21 weeks and 3 days

  11. Thornette, mother of Zoey says:

    Thank you, thank you all for your entries. My daughter had complained of pain in her back at 16 weeks and 2 days. She was told to take Tylenol and advised that the pain was probably that of the twins growing and her womb growing to accommodate the size of the babies. After one hour passed, the pain persisted and she was then advised to get to the office for a consultation. Upon arrival, she was given a sonogram and then given a manual look and feel. at this point, the dr determined that she was dialated approximately 2 cm with a bulging placenta. I was immediately called and when I arrived the doctor told me that He didn’t think that He would be able to save the babies. He advised that she would be hospitalized and and probable deliver the twins. She was also told that she had an infection and that she needed to receive high dose antibiotics. When my daughter went to her room, she saw one dr who busted into the room as my family prayed around the bedside and proceeded to tell us that the babies would not survive and that because they are not 6 months they are not considered viable so they would not call labor and delivery but give them to her when she passed them for her to hold if she liked. She said that they would look like a blob on the sheet or maybe when she used the bathroom. The entire occurrence was bazaar. How could someone like that be in the business of delivering babies. In spite of all of what we were told, we as a family rallying around our daughter and the father were hopeful, ready to believe the report of the Lord, the one in business to do miracles. For an entire week, each doctor who entered the room, not one repeat all proceeded to ask the same question – Has your water broke yet. Finally, after six days – the morning of the seventh, a new doctor from the practice advised that there was no infection and that they would just allow my daughter to progress naturally. Two hours passed and the approach changed and the emphasis was to now see if she was a candidate for a cerclage. We as a family were content with having her progress naturally. Although her membrane had a bulge at the cervix, there had been no progression of that for an entire week, no other symptoms, she was on complete bedrest and prepared to ride it out that way until the end if possible. By 11:00 a.m. that same morning, the new doctor was back in my daughter’s room attempting to visually inspect her vaginal area to determine if she was a candidate for a cerclage. She used the speculum and a flashlight, made mention that the flashlight was dull after cranking the speculum once, she then cranked it once more because she could not see the cervix (the same cervix that couldn’t be seen on the first day on admittance) and “pop” she broke the water. There in complete devastation stood my son-in-law, the nurse, the doctor and my daughter laying in tears at the sound of what it seemed they were anticipating all along. My daughter’s progress defied their odds. She was doing fine until, this doctor hastily charged into a situation that she didn’t have the benefit of knowing as well as she should have. Now, they are justifying what was done by telling us that my daughter will pass the one child and that the other twin higher up may be able to be saved. They are now expecting that she will go in to labor – nothing yet but this time, I have been very clear that my daughter be left alone. From everything I have read, It sounds like we still have a chance of twins despite the grim predictions, errors, etc… My daughter is 21 and I am her advocate mom. Is there anything that anyone can tell me that may be helpful as to what I can expect or ask. We have never been in this situation and feel a little bit vulnerable. We are most interested in directing our efforts and energy at doing all that we can do have the twins. Both heart beats as of this evening were between 127-140.

    • Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story. I, too, was given a very grim outcome after my water broke. I am proud to say that my babies defied the odds and are going to be turning 2 this month!!!!
      How far along is your daughter? At 24 weeks, she should be given steroid shots to develop the babies lungs. Also, is she at a facility with a NICU?
      I kept a Care Page to keep people updated on my progress. The web address is http://www.carepages.com/marattotwins. My email is kmaratto@aol.com. Please share both with your daughter. I am more than happy to speak with both of you. I have been there and I know how hard it is. You are all in my prayers.

  12. Roseanne Dover says:

    My daughter is expecting twins,one boy one girl. She went into labor Saturday night. Sunday the sac around one of the babies ruptured. Monday we are told the little girl is the baby who’s sac broke. The doctors have my daughter on strict bed rest. She is only at 19 weeks. Your story gives me some hope!! Thank you.

    • Roseanne,
      That is why I wrote it. I wanted to give hope to others. Your daughter is lucky-if there is anything positive in this scenario-that it’s the little girl’s sac who broke. Girls do much better than boys and their lungs develop quicker. You can go to http://www.carepages.com/marattotwins to read our entire journey. Also, please give your daughter my email address: kmaratto@aol.com. Tell her to email me with any questions or if she just needs to talk. I’m always glad to listen and support. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you. Please keep me updated.

  13. My baby boy was delivered on 08/25/2010. He is doing great at 23 lbs he is now 8 months old. He was born at 28.6 weeks. spent some time in the NICU and he was released on 10/17… he is such a happy baby.. Your story gave me hope when I was given almost no hope. Dominic (my son) and I are endlessly thankful ! just wanted to give an update. (BTW he didn’t have any club foot… and no developmental delays.. just some minor feeding issues that he outgrew. However, he did go home with a monitor for 3 months. ) 🙂

    • Yaimara-
      Thank you so much for your update! I am so glad that Dominic is doing well and that my story helped you. It makes me so happy to know that Sophie and Lindsay help to give people hope. By the way they are 2.5 years old now and both are considered to be advanced for their chronological stage. God bless you and your family!

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