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You Know You Are a Preemie Parent When…

When Hand to Hold asked NICU parents what they thought was unique to parenthood after their baby’s hospital stay, parents were eager to share. There are some eye-opening differences in perspective for those of us who have raised a medically-fragile child and for the years following.

Amy Carr About Amy Carr

Amy Carr (TX) is a parent of a late-term preemie, Ella, born at 35 weeks. After an uneventful pregnancy, Ella's early birth and the complications that followed were a shock. Now in elementary school, her daughter is doing well and Amy enjoys using her writing, marketing and communications acumen on behalf of nonprofits and charitable causes. Formerly a founding staff member at Hand to Hold, you can reach Amy via email.


  1. I love the one about wiping down everything with Lysol wipes. The first time I took my kids to the park (at around 9 months old), I brought Lysol wipes with us and cleaned every bit of the baby swing before placing them in it. I’m sure other parents thought I had lost my mind, but I didn’t care. Those swings had never been cleaner! And my kids got to enjoy the park just like other kids (only cleaner).

  2. Michelle Loader says:

    You know more about the health of the other babies in the NICU then you do your own Nieces and Nephews and celebrate their accomplishments too….

  3. Brooke pearen says:

    So many reasons! But, when you are extremely relieved that your baby has bronchitis because it’s not RSV.

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